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Water Release Ritual for the Hunter’s Moon

Many of us attune to the lunar cycle, synchronizing our efforts and energy with its cycle of birth, growth, and completion. The Full Moon is a perfect time to complete projects, to release and purge that which no longer serves us, and to shine its light on what might be getting in our way.

Often rituals for release involve the fire element but I recently heard about this lovely gentle water ritual for releasing old patterns and wanted to share it with you.

You will need two bowls of fresh water (you can use distilled water), pen and paper, and a white candle. This ritual can be done outdoors, or in a quiet private space.

Water Ritual Release
Start the ritual by relaxing, cleansing your energy and creating your sacred space.

Light a white candle, and place it in front of you.

Call in your guides and allies – and ancestors, because we are so close to Samhain – and ask that they bring you wisdom for your highest good.

Breathe deeply and connect to your Inner Self, your Wise Self.

Ask your Wise Self to write on the paper all that no longer serves you, such as thoughts and behaviours that sap your energy, or hold you back; self-limiting beliefs: toxic relationships.

When the writing is complete, immerse the page in the first bowl of water, saying

“I now let these thoughts and behaviours go. So mote it be.”

Stir the paper in the water until the ink starts to life and release from the paper, freeing those negative thoughts from the page, and eliminating their power and permanence.

When the words have lifted and released, dispose of the paper and water into fresh running water, such as a stream, river, pond, lake or sea. In a pinch, “flush”!

Close the ritual by dipping your hands into the second bowl of water, and anointing your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat, to signify the cleansing of the old patterns and the birth of the new. You may also anoint your heart and solar plexus chakras.

Thank your guides, allies and ancestors for their wisdom, and fully extinguish the candle.

Take a moment to relax, centre and reground.


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