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What is Transforming? Messages from The Magic Stream and The West

Social Media-18This is a very special week in this month’s New Moon Medicine Wheel reading as it coincides with the Full Moon, which is also the last Super Moon of 2015.

Yes, this Full Moon – the Hunters Moon – is even more powerful than usual! It arrived here in Vancouver today ( Tuesday, October 27th) at 5:05 AM Pacific Time (8:05 AM Eastern Time, 12:05 UTC). This Full Moon is in Taurus, so amplifies the qualities of that astrological sign – earthy, practical, peaceful – and the qualities of the West direction, especially its association with Autumn.

If you are following this reading for your own development, and especially if you have not drawn your own cards, ask your Self the question for The West, “What is transforming?”, especially as it relates to what has been happening in your life since the New Moon two weeks ago.

My draw for Week 3:
Direction: West
Question: What is Transforming?
Card: The Magic Stream, from Colette Baron-Reid’s “The Enchanted Map” oracle deck

Key Message:

“Everything is connected through the universal flow of connection.”

Messages from The Magic Stream
Such a powerful message of interconnection and wisdom! The “Magic Stream” card is a reminder that even though people and events may seem separate or unconnected, they are in fact all connected through the collective unconscious, through Flow and that we too can tap into that collective wisdom.

The medicine of the card also reminds us to look at the connections between the events and people in our life – how we are in sync, what we learn from each other, how we may mirror each other. As we know, the Medicine from our guides is frequently repeated and communicated in many forms, and from many sources.

Messages from The West
In the Medicine Wheel, the West represents many things, including the Autumn, our current season in the Northern hemisphere. For those of us living in the northern temperate climates, Autumn is a time of both balance (as we transition from Summer to Winter, from light to dark) and change (the crops are harvested, the trees shed their leaves, migratory animals begin their journey back to the Sun, and other animals start to grow their winter coats or prepare to hibernate).

It is also a time of reflection and of “drawing in”, as the length of day diminishes. At this time of year, our ancestors in these regions would start to prepare for the Winter ahead by gathering fuel, harvesting crops and preserving foods to last until the first Spring reaping. This week’s celebration of Samhain marks the end of the “light” part of the year (Summer) in the Celtic calendar, and the start of the “dark” part of year (Winter).

Your Personal Medicine Wheel Work
How does the arrival of the season of Autumn manifest in your life? Is it the drawing in… or the start of something new? For me, yes, I do consider new projects and new ideas… but it is also time to reflect, to measure my progress, and to shift plans and priorities as required.

What is transforming in YOUR wheel?


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