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Closing Samhain with an Ancestral Journey

Samhain continues until sunset tonight (November 1st), for those who observe Samhain on the “traditional” date, and I have loved working with ritual, meditation and journeying on this special day.

A lovely way to close the day on Samhain is by taking a meditative journey with your Ancestors, and those who have passed since the previous Samhain.

Prepare for your Meditative Journey
If you already have an Ancestor altar, wonderful! If not, find a quiet spot and place a candle on a fire-proof surface. You could use a single white candle, or light two candles – one white candle to represent Summer (the light half of the year) and one black candle to represent Winter (the dark half of the year).

Beside your candle(s), place a sprig of rosemary or a rosemary smudge stick. Enhance the connection with your ancestors or loved ones by placing some mementos of them beside your candle and herbs. . . a photo, a locket, a stone from the land of their birthplace.

Create sacred space by calling in the directions, your guides and allies, and your ancestors. I also like to call in the Dark Mothers of the winter season at this time, such as An Cailleach.

Begin the Meditative Journey
Ignite your sprig/smudge stick with the candle.

Begin your meditation with a simple blessing or prayer, such as:

“With this Rosemary, I remember you and hold you dear.
To all who have crossed, I send blessings for the coming year.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly.

Focus on your heart chakra, and feel or visualize the thread of connection to the line of ancestors who stand behind you, going back to the beginning of time. Their wisdom, choices, genes, and survival are part of your DNA. Know that, in the words of Linda Hogan, “You are the result of the love of thousands.”

Reflect on what you know about them, their journey in life, the events and times that shaped them – and you.

Call on your ancestors by going back through each of the generations, naming them and honouring their life. If you are unaware of your family history beyond a certain point, know that your own DNA has stored all that information and at some point those ancestral memories stored there will be accessible to you. Simply thank the ancestors who are unknown to you for all they contributed to your life, and for their guidance and support.

Meditate in that sacred space you have created and let your ancestors know that you are open to the wisdom they may want to share with you. Some may choose to come forth, and make conversation with you or give you a symbolic gift.

Thank the Ancestors for any messages or gifts that they bring to you.

Close the journey with a blessing you create… something as simple as:

You are gone but not forgotten.
You live on within me and
all those who come after me.

Complete your meditation by extinguishing the candles, and ensuring the rosemary is no longer burning.

Take some time to journal on any messages you have received, and reflect on how the wisdom can be woven into your life.

Blessed be.



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