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Recipes for Comfort & Joy: The Healing Powers of Conifers

As we transition from autumn to winter, conifers are a reminder of the living energy of Mother Nature – their vibrant green needles brighten our day against the winter landscape, and are a source of energy, vitamins and medicine throughout the year.

I am sharing this wonderful and informative post from Gather Victoria on the Healing Powers of conifers. Enjoy!

Gather Victoria


When the days darken, cold winds blow, and the damp settles into our lungs and bones, we can turn to our ancient plant allies, the evergreen and ever vital, conifers. Towering over the forest canopy, their top branches are always nourished by the sun but their roots extend deeply into the earth. And when winter makes demands on our reserves of energy, endurance and warmth, we can count on their grounding and revitalizing energy for support.


In this post, we’ll explore the many ways (from foods, teas, oils and salves) conifers nurture your body and uplift your spirits during the season we need it most. And if you explore the links you’ll find additional recipes and simple DIY tips to make these evergreen treats at home. 

The healing powers of pine, spruce and fir lie largely in their volatile oils. Found in needles, bark, sap and resin, their essential…

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