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Release with the Frosty Full Moon

FB 2015-DEC-3

At 2:44 PM here in Vancouver (22:44 UTC), the Moon is at its fullest and finds itself in Gemini. This full moon is known as the Frosty Moon – as well as the Beaver Moon.

I love the energy of the Full Moon – such an intense time! At this time, our emotions can become highly charged and you may have already felt the changes over the past few days, as the Moon waxed towards the fullness of her cycle.

The Moon is at her peak of energy today, and for the next two weeks will start to wane – gradually losing intensity and light as she approaches the last quarter and waning crescent. This waning period is perfect for releasing, cleansing and detoxing.

Although I normally set intentions at the New Moon, the Full Moon is also a good time to create a different kind of intention: that which we want to release… let go… complete.

This Full Moon is in Gemini, which signals both choice and duality. Know that there is no right or wrong choice, as whatever choice you make will take you somewhere, will bring knowledge to you.

If you feel pulled between those choices, choose to meditate on the Full Moon and ask for wisdom from your higher self:

Which path, which choice, will bring me greater knowledge?
Which path more completely serves my authentic self?

Why the Frosty Moon?

In North America, this Full Moon is known as both the Beaver Moon and the Frosty Moon (the latter for obvious reasons!). The Farmer’s Almanac says that this name came to us from the Algonquin nation: this was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, ensuring a good supply of winter fur. Poor Beaver, but such was the cycle of life…

I prefer to call this Full Moon by its alternate name  the Frosty Moon, as we are now awakening to frost – and sometimes snow – in the morning here in Canada.

Working with the Full Moon Energy

  • Set intentions for Release
  • Focus on completion and letting go
  • Meditate on choices and shadow work
  • Embrace The Goddess as she moves into her Maiden aspect

For tips on a release ritual for the Full Moon, read Full Moon Purging Ritual published earlier this year in this blog.



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