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Celebrating the 2nd Day of Solstice with Holly

12 days of solstice 2016-4When I think of Solstice, Yule or Christmas I think of Holly!

On Day 2 of The 12 Days of Solstice, we celebrate this beautiful vibrant plant.

“And the first tree in the greenwood was the Holly”
– from a Cornish carol

Holly, Ivy, and Mistletoe are all traditional Yule (and Christmas) decorative elements, but their presence is more than ornamental. These elements serve to remind us of the Green World, Nature and the return of Spring. It was also thought that this greenery – holly especially – provided a safe returned for Sprites from winter storms.

In the Celtic world, they were also associated with feminine (ivy) and masculine (holly) energies. The Holly signifies:

  • hope for life in winter
  • the warmth of blood and fire
  • good luck for men

So today, bring a little holly into your Yule celebrations!

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