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Ivy is the Queen of Old: Day 3 of Solstice

12 days of solstice 2016-5Yesterday we celebrated Holly… but can we have Holly without Ivy?

On Day 3 of the 12 Days of Solstice, we celebrate Ivy, “the Queen of Old”.

Of the three greens associated with Yule – Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe – the ivy is most strongly associated female energy. My Celtic ancestors would have used the ivy vines to weave necklaces, bracelets and crown to adorn themselves during Yule: Ivy was thought to bring clarity, and represented the vitality of Mother Earth and the Celtic goddesses.

I recently worked in circle with a group of women, creating baskets from Ivy and it was an incredible experience – preparing the ivy, starting the weave, sharing stories as we built our baskets.

Think about how you can use Ivy today… or, instead, sit in circle with your female friends – laugh, chat, share a story, drink some mulled cider and celebrate the Queen of Old.

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