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Make something magical happen today

12 days of solstice 2016-15

It’s the 11th day of Solstice – just one more day until the 12th Day, New Year’s Day!

May something magical happen to you today… and if you haven’t found the magic yet, create your own!

But first, know this: Magic isn’t just the stuff of stage shows such as sleight-of-hand and illusion. Real magic comes from connecting  with the flow of universal energy. Hank Wesselman says it well in his book “The Journey to the Sacred Garden“:

“Indigenous peoples know that real magic… involves reaching through the mirror into the sacred realms, connecting with the power that resides there, and then bringing it back into this physical world in order to manifest something – such as healing, for example. That’s magic.”

I always find magic in daily life by connecting to the miracles and wonder around us, staying present to fully experiencing the world as it flows around us.

Sometimes we need a reminder of that connection, such as this simple ritual.

On Day 9 of the 12 Days of Solstice, I outlined a simple ritual for release using the Fire element of the Solstice.

In this alternative ritual, one goes outdoors to connect with Father Sky, Mother Moon, Spirit and the Universe, and then both releasing what you no longer need and accepting gifts from Spirit.

✨ Prepare for this ritual by meditating on all you want to release, all that no longer serves you. Meditate further on what you want more of in your life.

✨ On a clear moonlit night, go to a quiet spot outdoors, to a place you feel comfortable and protected. It is not necessary to be alone; you can do this ritual with others. Take a friend or partner. With the Full Moon on Christmas, the night sky can still be quite bright!

✨ Breathe deeply as you gaze at the stars and the Moon, and feel your energetic connection to them and to the Universe as a whole. Feel that connection with all your senses and all your chakras.

✨ Greet the sky and the moon, either in your inner voice or out loud, “Father Sky, I greet you. Mother Moon, I greet you.”

✨ Bring to mind all that you want to release – fears, negative emotions, needs – and feel them bubble up through you and escape from your body – your head, your heart, all your chakras, your feet, your breath. Release them into the night, to Father Sky and Mother Moon

✨ And now give Father Sky and Mother Moon all your hopes and wishes. Let them bubble through you the same way. Release them to Spirit, to the Universe. Let them flow towards manifestation.

✨ Feel the freedom of release from your hopes and from your fears. Remember what this feels like.

✨ Prepare to receive from Spirit, from Universe, from Father Sky and Mother Moon. Prepare to receive their blessings, their wisdom. Breathe deeply and feel their gifts filling you with their knowledge and blessings. Continue to breathe deeply until you can feel that new energy fill every chakra, every cell in your body.

✨ Rest for a moment to integrate this new energy, these new gifts into your mind, body and soul.

✨ Thank Father Sky, Mother Moon, Spirit and the Universe for their gifts to you tonight.

Make some magic today!

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