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What are YOUR words for 2016?

imageI love the idea of choosing three words for the upcoming calendar year, replacing the concept of making resolutions.

I like to think that I live every day as best I can – with intention and in alignment with my values – so creating new resolutions each New Year has sometimes seemed a somewhat pointless exercise for me.

But I do know this: As we learn and grow – and as the world changes around us – it is good to reflect, contemplate and refocus on our journey. Reset our course. Find new – or renewed – inspiration. Dream bigger. Acquire new skills.

The three words we choose reflect our intent for the year, and can be multi-layered … yet reflect a core belief, a fundamental way of being in the world.

So, for instance, instead of creating a list of goals around fitness (I walk 10000 steps per day. I compete in two triathlons per year. I practise yoga 3x per week.), choose a word – such as “longevity” or “agility” or “health” – which underpins all those goals and may also be the desired outcome. Then, any projects or goals for the year can be undertaken which also reflect the inspiration and truth of that word.

I am contemplating my three words for 2016. They are not finalized yet but one of them is likely “prosper”.

Hmmm, seems materialistic you say… How is that spiritual? Well, “Yes” and “No”.

Yes, because I do want continued financial prosperity in 2016, especially as I transform my business and practice to a more global client-base. However, It is not “anti-spiritual” to exchange energy (as compensation) for the services we offer.

No, because the word is not related only to financial prosperity and means much much more:

🌞 To flourish physically

🌿 To grow strong and healthy

🍃 To do right for oneself

💐 To make successful

After two successful knee replacement surgeries, I definitely want to continue and prosper in my journey to optimal health.

As Spock said, “Live long and Prosper.”

What words are your inspiration for 2016?

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