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Minding the GAP!

imageIn my daily practice, and when doing any spiritual or ritual work, I am always mindful to Mind the GAP (Ground And Protect ); it is so important to do so when we work with energy – shamanic journeys, working with Spirit in mediumship, as a psychic reader, a healer, working spellcraft or when using tools like tarot or oracle cards, pendulums, runes or crystals.

Grounding is especially important when we are channeling healing energy, as individuals looking for healing likely have imbalances in mind, body or spirit – all of which can drain our own energies and cause us to become tired, ill or ineffective in the session unless we fully clear and ground them.

We are all energetic beings and can easily absorb energies – or even thoughts – without knowing it consciously. So, it is important that energies work through us, and that negative energies keep moving through and out so they can be grounded by the Earth.

We want to keep any darkness on the outside, transform it where possible, and work with the light.

Once you learn the best protection and grounding technique for you, use it in your every day life. Think of it as carrying an umbrella or raincoat on a cloudy day – you don’t expect to get soaked but you want to stay dry if it does start to rain! After a while, this will become automatic and those shields will remain in place. This is an important aspect for all – and is especially important for empaths and HSPs (highly sensitive people).

One simple technique is to imagine a shield that protects you at all times. Create your own shield, using imagery that serves to best visualize your  protection process, i.e. something that shields you from negative energies, allows in positive energies, and keeps your own energies intact, for instance:

  • A ball or sphere of light (many choose gold, silver or amethyst)
  • A crystal sphere
  • A cloak
  • A gentle rain
  • A golden energetic net or shawl, allowing in only energy of the highest good

What techniques to YOU use to stay grounded and protected?

The quote in the image is by Alan Brennert, in his novel “Moloka’i”:

“Surrounded by darkness yet enfolded in light”

[The image was created by Alice Popkorn and is available through a creative commons licence on Flickr:


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