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Honour your Self by being YOU

Have you ever read something in a blog or on social media and thought “WOW”?

I had one of those moments this morning, reading a post on The Middle Finger Project  Facebook page on authenticity… on speaking our truth… being true to ourselves.

That is SO important for all of us… in the work we do… in our relationships… as people. Some folks in the creative world and the alternative/holistic healing or intuitive world are at times timid about sharing their beliefs and their work outside a safe circle that they have created.

But what if we shared with others? Yes, we might be criticized or even ridiculed (and in some parts of the world, at risk)… but what if by speaking our truth – and being our Selves – we also helped someone else step into the light of their own authenticity?

What if speaking our truth also helps us step into our own greatness?

What if knowing that there will always be someone who criticizes us, or who is offended by our thoughts, actually frees us to be our Selves?

There were so many “aha!” moments throughout the piece… but I had to share this one with you:

…”honor your insides. Your art. Your artistic expression. The truth of the matter is that someone will always be offended, and therefore you MUST stop worrying about offending….”

My advice to you today?

✨ Take strength

✨ Be your Self

✨ Share your truth

✨ Celebrate who YOU are

✨ Shine On!

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