Psychic Development, Rituals and Ceremonies

Journal your intuitive knowledge

When one first starts on the path of intuitive development, keeping a journal of your experiences is a great way to give you greater insight into your development: what senses are the most dominant, which ones are developing, when the senses are active, how they are triggered, and more. Having this knowledge will help us develop the senses more fully, and recognize when we are receiving psychic information.

We sometimes receive information that makes no sense, or cannot be affirmed in any way. It is only the passing of time, or a particular set of circumstances, that illuminates the vision we received and shows it to be true! Looking back at one’s journal may serve to illuminate or explain previous experiences.

How to begin?

Everyone has their own style of keeping a journal. Some prefer to write kizoa HDR_pixabay_journal handwritten paper diary_writer-360790_1280notes in a diary or a lovely handcrafted journal. Others prefer to note their experiences electronically – publicly in a  blog, or privately on their laptop or other device. Do whatever works best for you, but be sure to record your experiences.

Note the psychic information you received and identify:

  • the principal “clair” – or clairs – used for receiving the information, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. At times, you might receive information from several channels.
  • what you were doing when you received the information. What was your mental state (relaxed, distressed, asleep, meditating, etc)?
  • any changes in your environment before receiving the information (a temperature shift, new sounds, more or less vibration, a sense of pressure, etc)
  • other people, animals or objects around you (they may be triggers for your abilities, or boosting your psychic energy)

Over time, you will start to notice patterns and will be able to identify when and where you are most receptive to psychic information and experiences. Often there is some indication that we are about to receive information through our sixth sense, such as a particular sound, a tingling in some part of the body, a shift in temperature.

Consider bringing the features of those patterns into your intention, to increase the likelihood of a psychic experience. You may find that there is a certain time of day or certain location that initially is the most productive for you, from a psychic perspective. Consider adding this to your “minding the GAP” ritual (Grounding Attunement Protection): relaxing, deep breathing and then raising our vibrational level through intention.

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