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Life Hack: Just begin

Be bold! Be fierce!

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”
~ attributed to Goethe

This quote is often attributed to Goethe, but the true source is unclear. But does it matter? NO! The message is the key.

When I started my workday this morning, I was spending a lot of time getting organized, figuring out what to do first, what items had priority. Not a bad thing to do, but it was actually keeping me from getting started. I was spending  more time and energy on figuring out my priorities…. more than it would have taken to actually complete some of the minor tasks!

So, I decided just to plunge in, to focus on “getting it done”, beginning (and completing) things I’ve put off for a while.

Sometimes all we need to ‘get ‘er done’ is a simple mind shift.

That shift can be as simple as moving from “I really want to…” to “I’m doing it NOW”.


Here’s a real life example:  Last year I bought a new bike, delighted to be able to get on the road after years of mobility issues. The fellow who sold it to me told a great story about his own biking experiences. He had been a professional cyclist, competing around the world. After retiring, he pledged to ride daily after work, rain-or-shine, and described his favourite route to me: a challenging 20+ km through rough trails and forest, with steep elevation gains, rocky terrains and more. I was impressed!

He asked me, “What do you think was the hardest part?”

I replied, “Biking in bad weather?”

His response? “No! Getting out the door!

He found himself pfaffing about, “getting organized” for the ride, worrying about what gear to take, what “emergency” supplies he might need, how much food and water to carry, and so on. He eventually realized these were just delaying tactics. That he was overthinking what he needed. From then on, he just hopped on the bike and rode. As long as he had his helmet, keys and a wallet, he had everything he needed!

I had had a similar problem before my first ride  – debating what equipment  I would need to take, what route, did I need a rain jacket, worried I might fall and damage my new knees.

Then I heard his words in my head, ” GET OUT THE DOOR!”

So, on my first ride, that’s what I did – put on my helmet, threw my keys and wallet into my daypack (and, of course, my iPhone for my MapMyRide app!) and took off. I just got out the door. It was that easy.

And today, I’m just going to plunge into my list of tasks.

Just begin. Don’t overthink it. Just do something.

What’s that other old adage – he who hesitates is lost?

Get out the door! Get ‘er done! Resist overthinking! Feel the magic!


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