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Release with the Full Moon yang energy


Are you feeling the energy from Saturday night’s Full Moon in Leo? The Full Moon always packs a punch for me, amplifying everything I’m feeling!

When Mother Moon starts her journey each month in the Dark Moon / New Moon, her energy is Yin – receiving, gentle, intuitive, and calm.

Her energy waxes (increases) throughout the month, slowly transforming from feminine Yin to masculine Yang, peaking at the Full Moon.

We experience this strong Yang energy for a few days, and then it starts to wane, slowly returning to the Yin state.

For some, the Full Moon Yang energy can feel like a volcano… bursting forth, exploding, searching, expanding, heating, asserting and transforming.

This is why release rituals are perfect for the Full Moon: we can use our personal alchemy to transform the negative into something powerful and positive…. Or just let whatever needs to be released burn off in the Yang fire.

How do the Yin and Yang energies of the Moon show up in my life? At the New Moon, I’m in a quiet place… planning, thinking, starting new projects, birthing new ideas. I find that I have the most energy and bursts of creativity at the Full Moon…. and definitely heightened emotions!

How does Yin energy manifest within you?

How does Yang energy differ and express itself in you?

What can you release during this Yang phase of the moon?

Some previous articles on Releasing which may support you in creating your own release ritual for this Moon cycle.

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