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Imbolc Blessings

imageToday we celebrate Imbolc and the Celtic goddess Brigid, goddess of fertility, creativity, the forge (blacksmiths and smithing), light, and livestock.

Imbolc is the first of the Celtic 🌿spring festivals and one of the four 🔥fire festivals in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. In the Christian calendar, this day is observed as 🕯Candlemas.

Imbolc marks the first physical signs of Spring – the birth of the 🐑lambs, the flowing of the ewe’s 🍼milk, the rising of the sap in the 🌳trees, and the budding of 🌲trees and 🌾plants.

It was also a time of empowerment for our ancestors, as they started to prepare for spring by clearing the land and preparing to plough and sow. How perfect that this is the time to honour Brigid with blessings and rituals to purify us for the sacred growth and seed through a three-fold Fire ritual, exemplified in this blessing:

Fire in the Forge that shapes and tempers
Fire in the Hearth that nourishes amnd heals
Fire in the Head that incites and inspires

How do you celebrate this special day?


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