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Imbolc blessings from Brigid

12651170_10153603211066645_6687811593663063573_nYesterday we celebrated the first day of the Celtic Spring, honouring both Imbolc and the goddess Brigid. I share with you now Brigid’s Fire Blessing, which you can use in any of your ritual work this week:

May there be Fire in your Belly
May there be Passion in your Heart
May you burn with Creativity
May Brigid’s flame burn brightly within you always.

As we honour the goddess Brigid and her transition and rebirth from Crone back to Maiden at the start of Imbolc, consider reflecting on your friendships with women…. with the Maidens, the Mothers, the Crones (the faces of the Triple Goddess)…. how you relate to them as you also pass through those stages of the Divine Feminine… and how your friendships have changed through the years.

At this time of year, our earth-conscious ancestors prepared for spring through physical work (clearing the land in readiness for ploughing and seeding) but also on a spiritual level through purification rites (especially fire rituals!).

It should come as no surprise that the month February is rooted in this tradition: the name is from the Roman festival of purification (Februa) which involved ritual washing and cleaning. So for those already planning your spring cleaning, know you are repeating a ritual that is thousands of years old!

As we move through February, the month named for purification, notice how you:

🌸 feel the rising of the Spring energies

🌸 manifest these energies in your life

🌸 honour the transition from Winter to Spring, from Crone to Maiden

Le Grá (with love),

Other Resources:  

In early January, I posted Start the New Year with a Spiritual Cleaning for your Home, which included a great formulation for a Spiritual Carpet Freshener… perfect for your Imbolc / Spring cleaning.  Check it out:)



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