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Celebrating the Quickening Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon Blessings!

Our First Nations sisters and brothers have many names for this full moon including the Full Snow Moon and the Bone Moon, alluding to both the typical heaviness of February snows as well as the shortage of food as winter draws to a close.

Yet some call it the Quickening Moon, and this is the name that resonates within my heart and with my cultural heritage (Celtic and British). I love how all our ancestors were so connected to Mother Earth and her cycles, and how so many cultures in the Northern Hemisphere honour this early spring in February. For this is what The Quickening celebrates.

What is The Quickening? It is the new life that is starting to flow and rise under the snows of winter. It is the seeds that are starting to grow, the buds that are beginning to emerge, the sap that is starting to rise.

In the Celtic calendar, we have just celebrated Imbolc, which also recognizes and honours that Quickening manifested through the birthing of the lambs and the flowing of the ewe’s milk.

Here in Vancouver, where I live, we are already seeing the magnificent cherry blossoms emerging throughout the city, a sure sign that Spring and Ostara will soon be with us.

How do you celebrate the Full Moon?

IMG_3576Grandmother Moon moved into her full expression at 10:20 AM PST this morning — in Virgo — so I greeted her with a simple blessing ritual honouring what this Full Moon represents for me: the Virgin Goddess, healing, communication, attention to details… but always, the connections to the cycles of Nature, manifesting the message of Brigid in this time between Imbolc and Ostara.

The connection and influence of Virgo can be profound at this time of year as we step into the light of the Full Moon, and as we step into our Self. We see and we can be seen. We can declare who we are, what we stand for in this world,  and can manifest all that we are.

For many the Full Moon is about releasing and letting go, and it is perfect for that. But, it is also about manifesting and completing that which you started on the New Moon. It is also a hugely powerful time to work your business magick. Over the three days of the Full Moon, make sure your paperwork and business accounting is in order. It’s the perfect time to use that lovely attention to detail that Virgo gives us!

I birthed this altar with elements of nature, my Goddess stones, a selenite wand, candles, pink Himalayan salt and a homemade Divine Feminine incense burning in the clam shell, (on a non-toxic bamboo charcoal) a little nod to The Birth of Venus by Botticelli🌞

And this time, I had a little help!

My cat Pearl decided to join me as I birthed my altar for my Full Moon blessing ritual this morning. After seven years as her companion, she is slowly started to feel safe around me (she and her brother Merlin were rescue kitties).

Every time I thought the altar was complete, she nudged me. So  I added another element… then another crystal…and then she stopped nudging when I put out my goddess stone.

I’m not sure if you can see her very well in this picture, as she does avoid the camera! She stayed in that position as I lit the candles and completed the blessing.

Thank you Pearl for bringing your energy to the ritual!



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