Earth Medicine

The garden as Healer

This quote from Geoff Lawton may sound simplistic at first. But who can NOT care about this planet and its people when surrounded by peace and tranquility, along with greenery, flowers, herbs, birds, insects and other creatures… whether we are in a natural garden found in Nature or in a cultivated garden we have created or visited.

Simply put, a garden is a healer… on so many levels.

No access to a garden? Bring a little green into your home with a plant you can tend and nurture. Plant a window box.  Join a local community garden where you can volunteer or grow your own  herbs and vegetables.

Take a moment to sit in a garden near you (or with your lovely new plant!) and simply relax… meditate… contemplate… and notice how much more at peace you might feel.

Look to your garden for nourishment, for food, for medicine, for learning and healing. Get to know YOUR garden and its cycles of growth, maturity, rest and renewal. Consider how those cycles manifest in your own life, what you can learn from Mother Earth.

This is a prescription which can be taken daily,
with no limitations on duration or dosage.

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