Release stress with this Water Ritual during the Waning Gibbous Moon

Do you feel the shift in the Moon’s energy?

The journey we began on the New Moon has now reached its peak, and we are now returning Home, and experiencing the fruition of our journey’s efforts.

During this phase of the lunar cycle, many of us can feel the slow drawing down of that lush passionate Full Moon Yang energy of February 22nd and the re-emergence of the softer and quieter Yin energy.


We are now in the midst of the Waning Gibbous phase, moving toward the Third Quarter on February 29th and the New Moon on March 8th.

The Waning of Grandmother Moon is a good time to release stress and negative emotions.

This lovely Water Ritual can support your release :

πŸ’¦ Fill a bowl with water

πŸ’¦ Place a favourite healing crystal into the water (make sure it is a crystal that is safe in water) or add a teaspoon of sea salt

πŸ’¦ Throughout the day, bring your awareness to any negative energy, self-limiting limiting beliefs, patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you

πŸ’¦ For each one you identify, send it to the water bowl for release, creating a statement such as “This _________ no longer serves me. I release it to the healing waters of Mother Earth.”

πŸ’¦ At the end of the day, empty the bowl (if possible outdoors, into the Earth) while repeating your release statement: “I free my Self of all things which no longer serve me and I send them to Mother Earth for grounding and release.”

πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§If you empty the bowl into a sink or a fresh water source, modify your statement accordingly, for example “I free my Self of all things which no longer serve me and I send them to be cleansed and released in the healing waters of Mother Earth”.

As you move through the Waning phase of the moon, note your energy changes in your journal. You may notice subtle (or profound!) changes in the amount of sleep patterns, eating habits, moods, focus, effectivity or creativity.

Journey on Moon Child !

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