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Find your centre in a labyrinth walk

imageThe labyrinth has been the symbol for my work for some time. I love how it represents the human journey, and how walking the labyrinth becomes a spiritual journey:

🌀 we release on the path inwards

🌀 we receive wisdom in the contemplative centre

🌀 we return to integrate our wisdom with the world

For me, walking the labyrinth is very much like a shamanic journey to non-ordinary reality. Both are tools – rituals, really – for spiritual growth, healing, communing with Spirit, for learning and receiving wisdom. For others, it is simply a tool for prayer or meditation, and can be found in churches around the world.

I love ritual in my spiritual work, so I always walk the labyrinth roughly the same way:

  • I pause at the entrance, calling on my guides and ancestors for their wisdom and to bring awareness to what will help me align with my inner wisdom, to what might need addressing or balancing in my life
  • I breathe in slowly and deeply to connect to Mother Earth, then enter
  • As I walk toward the centre, I continue to breathe slowly and deeply and use all my senses (including my “clair” senses) to fully experience the walk – the sights, sounds, fragrances, the feel of the ground, touch of the breeze or rain, visits from my guides and allies, the flow of universal energy and information… and I release that which no longer serves me
  • When I reach the centre, I give an offering to Mother Earth – always something simple and organic, that respects the Sacred space… a leaf, a stone, a flower
  • I pause in the centre to meditate and fully receive the wisdom
  • As I walk back toward to the outside world, I walk slowly and allow the wisdom to fully integrate
  • As I leave the labyrinth, I pause again to give thanks to my guides and allies for their support and wisdom

Another option is to walk the labyrinth with friends or family in community. When you have all reached the centre, consider creating a mandala with the group’s offerings, and sit in Sacred Circle in a group meditation.

Finding your Labyrinth

Here in Vancouver Canada, we are blessed to have several labyrinths – some in churches, some in community gardens, schools and playgrounds. There is also a beautiful hedge labyrinth in the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, which is a personal favourite of mine.

You may be able to find a labyrinth in your community using the online Labyrinth Locator sponsored by The Labyrinth Society and Veriditas, Inc. Visit

If you cannot find a labyrinth near you, work with a labyrinth board or print a picture of a labyrinth and “walk” it with your hand. The Labyrinth Society has two images you can download.

You can also create your own simple labyrinth, laying it out with stones or branches, or by scribing it into sand or earth (drawing instructions). It doesn’t have to be very large (a six foot / two metre diameter is large enough).





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