Lunar Cycles, Wheel of the Year

Giving Gratitude in the Waning Moon

I love that we always have the opportunity to start again in this life – every day, every month, every year. We can start a new journey with each New Moon, moving through cycles very similar to the cycles of our Sun year, the seasons from Spring through to Winter… entraining with the Lunar energy for maximum effectiveness.

The Lunar Cycle starts with the Yin of the New Moon – dark, quiet and still, in the womb of the Earth where new beginnings are birthed from seeds as if it were Spring. As we move – wax – towards the Full Moon, the Yang energy comes into its full expression; our seeds and ideas emerging from the fertile soil of our imagination and growing into their full summer bloom.

In the second half of the cycle, Grandmother Moon wanes and diminishes, as the Yang energy decreases and the Yin energy rebuilds on its return to the New Moon phase. The cycle repeats each month, from birth and growth through to harvest and deep rest.

Today Grandmother Moon moved into the Third Quarter of her cycle, strongly associated with the Earth element. It is a time to ground and give gratitude. In this part of the lunar cycle, we harvest the ideas we planted at the New Moon, and take time for reflection, learning – and in some cases relearning our lessons – and giving thanks.


Activities for the Third Quarter:

Review your New Moon intentions and goals

  • What intentions did you create at the New Moon?
    • If you didn’t create any, look back in your calendar to the last New Moon (February 8th, as of this writing). What  were you working on at that time? What was happening in your life?
  • Has anything changed?
  • What is transforming?
  • Did you accomplish what you originally intended?
  • What did you learn?
  • With what you know now, would you create the same intentions or the same plan to manifest those intentions?
  • What would you do differently, if at all?
  • Why?

Celebrate the harvest with gratitude

  • Examine your life – and all the things for which you are grateful
  • Note them in your journal or simply give thanks

These activities will help you prepare for the next phase of the waning Moon – the Balsamic phase, just before the next New Moon.





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