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Grow the seed of your Soul with love

One of the first steps in any healing work that I facilitate with clients is bringing awareness to their relationship with their Self. Is it a loving relationship, or is it broken and in need of nurturing?

As with Nature, the seed planted in nourishing soil with sufficient water and sunlight will grow up healthy and strong. It will thrive and bloom.

Our emotional landscape is that soil. Our being, our Soul, is that seed. Love for Self is our nourishment. Being in relationship with friends, family and community is our water and sunlight.

imageWe teach others how to treat us by how we treat our Self. If we constantly criticize ourselves, see the world through the victim filter, accept nothing less than perfection, hate our Self, our body or how we look, can that seed grow and thrive? Can we expect unconditional love from others when we cannot unconditionally love our Self?

Honour the Divine within you. Start by bringing awareness to your “self-chatter”. Do you honour your Self? Do you accept that you are constantly growing and learning…. or do you constantly find fault? Do you speak to your Self with the love you give to others?

If you were to heed this advice from Brené Brown — to talk to your Self with love — what would you change now? What could you do to support your Self, to show it some love? What could you STOP doing?

If you struggle with this, consider working with a healer who can facilitate your journey back to self Love.

If you choose to work with me, we would co-create a path that works for you with modalities such as PSYCH-K  or PER-K balancing, chakra and energy work, and/or shamanic journeys.

Whatever you choose moving forward in your healing, ALWAYS choose to:
❤️ love your Self
❤️ care for your Self
❤️ honour your Self




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