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Connect to Earth Magick through ancestral skills


Yes, as this quote advises us… It is definitely time to reconnect to the Magick of the Earth!

And it is the perfect time to connect – or reconnect – with the crafts and skills of our Ancestors. So many household skills and crafts that were practised by previous generations – even those practised recently by our mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers – have fallen into disuse with our move to time-saving conveniences, prepackaged foods from agri-business conglomerates, ready-made household items (shelving, furniture, etc).

It’s time to relearn ancestral skills as we
simplify, reduce waste, and connect in community.

Ancestral skills were somewhat gender identified. Men tended to do the “outside” work and women tended to do the “inside” work. Hmm… perhaps this breakdown has not entirely disappeared (hello, barbecue warriors!). Some skills were shared by both, such as tending and slaughtering stock animals, growing food, preparing fuel or chopping wood. Some of the traditional skills associated with “men’s work” included carpentry, metal work, being the household handyman and more. For women, it was cooking, sewing, weaving, cleaning, healing and more. But there were many cultures where work was shared equally.

This winter I have stepped up my learning curve and commitment to using these ancestral skills and am enjoying it so much…. foraging, basket and rope making, knitting, canning, pickling, making herbal tinctures, infusing oils and vinegars, making household cleaning and personal care products, learning how to make natural dyes and inks, woodworking, metal work  (jewelry only at this point!) and organic gardening.

In my community, I have found several organizaitons offering classes and workshops and they can likely be found in your community too. For folks in the Greater Vancouver area, like me, do check out the UBC Farm, Homestead Junction and the EartHand Gleaners Society. And these are just a few of what I’m sure is a huge resource pool for ancestral skills training.

Let’s celebrate the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in each of us by learning and using ALL these ancestral skills 🌞🌝

I find it so rewarding… and these activities honour our Mother Earth, and our Ancestors, by reducing waste, living organically as possible, and working in community.

Feel the Magick!

Notes re this article’s image Source:

The image – with added quote by Neva Kennedy – was posted by Uplift Connect on their Facebook page. I have not been able to find the source of the original image (without  the text quote) using image search tools like Tineye , but it appears to have been used on various sites for several years.

🙏🏻 Blessings and thanks to the original creator of the art 🙏🏻



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