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Rest and restore during the Balsamic Moon

Grandmother Moon has almost completed her monthly cycle and today appears to us as the Waning Crescent aka the Balsamic Moon.


Balsamic may seem a curious adjective to describe the Moon, as most of us associate that word with a type of vinegar! But the word actually refers to the health-giving properties of balsam: restorative, curative, soothing.

The time of the Balsamic Moon is profound and sacred in many ways.

At the New Moon, we birthed new ideas, projects and plans. During the First Quarter, we nourished and grew them. At the Full Moon, we harvested their fruits.  At the Third Quarter, we reviewed and learned, and released. Now, in the Balsamic Moon, the lunar cycle moves towards the renewal of the next New Moon, its light disappears, and it is also the time in our own cycle to rest, retreat and restore.

Even the strongest amongst us cannot continue without rest. It is essential for renewal, resilience and long-term health. Think of the effects of sleep deprivation on the body and the psyche. Avoid that by building some healthy restorative downtime into your schedule so that you will be refreshed and rejuvenated for the start of the next cycle.

Continue the release process of the Third Quarter, releasing tension, anxiety, worry and stress… and replace those draining energies with the restorative energies of meditation, stillness and reflection.

During the Balsamic Moon, our connection to our own Unconscious – our Wise Inner Self – and to the collective Unconscious is very strong. Bring your awareness to your dreams and intuition at this time.

Support this connection – and the rest-retreat-restore cycle – with activities that are solitary, relaxing and meditative. What activities do you find relaxing? For me, I turn to walking in nature, yoga, listening to gentle music, journaling and reading.

Journal throughout this period… and perhaps you will find some inspiration for the next New Moon!

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