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Celebrate the Wisdom of the Crone

At least twice a week, I take a Range of Motion class at my local pool to keep fit and strengthen my new titanium knees. One of the things I love about the class is the inspirational group of women I meet there every week…. Ancient Amazons all of them! Their average age is close to 80. They are battle-scarred, feisty warriors who share their joys, their wisdom, their challenges. They take a bite out of life every day.

As one of them said recently, after telling me about her “swimming with sharks” experience in Hawaii,

“I’ll try anything! I’m not old…. But I was born a long time ago!”


Through knowing these women, one can certainly look at aging in a different way:

🔅We can choose how we age, just as we can choose how we live.

🔅We can choose to welcome and celebrate our journey through life, or we can fear it.

🔅We can choose to wear whatever we want and not let someone else define what is “age appropriate”.

🔅We can choose to be active and healthy.

🔅We can choose to continue learning, growing, and exploring.

🔅We can choose to socialize, make new friendships, find new love.

🔅And as we move into the Crone years, we can model what that means to the Maidens and Mothers in our life so that they too will understand, appreciate and embrace all stages of life.

Some of us may have many years in our journey, but we are not old…. and we are not done. We have so much to offer to those willing to listen.

Embrace the Wisdom of the Crone, Mother AND Maiden!

Celebrate your journey, your achievements.

You are a survivor!

And you are still thriving!


Image Source:
I have seen several versions of this image, some with text added but have not been able to confirm the original source. But I suspect it was photographed for a Gudrun Sjödén collection a few years ago… Wonderful boho clothing and textiles by this gifted Swedish designer.




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