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A Moon Bowl for the New Moon

New Moon Blessings! 🌒🌕🌘

Have you heard of a Moon Bowl? I heard about this recently and fell in love with the idea immediately!

The concept is simple. Many of us lose our visual connection to the Moon throughout her cycle for many reasons – bad weather, snow, clouds, tall buildings, tall trees. A Moon Bowl gives us a visual representation of the Moon Cycle in our home or workspace.

IMG_4959Start with an empty bowl (to represent the Dark New Moon) and 15 small items such as pebbles, crystals, stones, pony beads, pieces of paper (whatever moves you) and each day add one of them to the bowl. When you have all 15 items in the bowl, you have reached the Full Moon. Remove one item each day, until you have reached the New Moon.

We know that the Moon Cycle is actually 29.5 days, not 30, so you may have to adapt this a little 🌞

I decided to birth my own Moon Bowl but – being the overthinker that I can be – got caught up in the design, process, colours, and finding the “perfect” bowl before the next New Moon.

So, I got out of my head, relaxed, centred, went deep inside and asked for guidance. I heard my Inner Voice say, “You already have the perfect moon bowl.”

And of course, my monkey brain replied “Huh?” “Really?”

But…. as I was pulling some items for my New Moon altar this morning, I found this perfect little crescent moon vessel that I had formerly used to hold a votive candle, and sometimes for Himalayan pink salts on my altar.

Well, now it’s my Moon Bowl! I have placed 15 stones and crystals on a plate beside it and will add an item each day. At the Full Moon, I will turn it to the other direction (to reflect the shape of the waning moon in the Northern Hemisphere) and start removing items until it is empty again at the next New Moon.

For now, I’m keeping it on my altar.

New Moon Blessings!

Le Grá,

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