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New Moon Supermoon in Pisces – WOW!

Today, Grandmother Moon beckons us to start a new journey… a new adventure, signified by the New Moon greeting us today, March 8th, at 05:55 PM Pacific Time.

Plant the seed of your intentions by the rise of the Waxing Crescent Moon

This New Moon has so many significant features:

🌝 It is a Supermoon, meaning that the Moon is much closer to the Earth than usual. And even though we are in the dark part of the lunar cycle and the Moon is barely visible, the lunar energy is even more deeply felt.

The moon is in Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac before its own full cycle return in Aries. Pisces is a water sign, passionate, intuitive and emotional. It is associated with the Goddess Aphrodite (Venus, in Roman mythology) who represents love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.

🌞 And did I mention the Eclipse? Yes, there is also a solar eclipse coinciding with the birth of the New Moon, which will be visible only throughout the Pacific region, but which will be felt by all. It begins on March 8th at 23:19 UTC (3:13 PM PST) and peaks at 01:59 UTC March 9th (5:50 PM, March 8th PST). The Eclipse energy also promises new beginnings, new energy.IMG_3745

🌎 It is International Women’s Day. Could this date get any more significant? Please take some time – either on your own or in community with family and friends – to bless our beautiful Mother Earth on this day, and send out a strong intention and affirmation for women around the world: for the Maidens, Mothers and Crones; for our Sisters in all cultures, all countries.

Because of the unique aspects of this New Moon, this month we are called to an even higher awareness, a higher consciousness, a deeper connection with our community, our tribe, with Spirit, with Flow… and to our own intuition. We are invited to explore the Dreamtime, to weave our consciousness with that of our Ancestors, Guides, Allies and Wise Self.

At the New Moon, we are the Infant, the Maiden. We are pure Yin energy. We emerge as a fresh sprout from the spiritual compost created by our Release in the previous lunar cycle, ready to begin again, to be reborn, start anew, grow and expand. And with the Supermoon, we can expect not just a new start…. maybe a new direction, perhaps an entirely different direction.

foolIn tarot terms, we are The Fool: at the start of the journey, with unlimited potential. At this point, we have no plans. No intentions. Nor do we have any constraints. We face the unknown with our bag full of the tools we need for our journey and our possibilities are limitless.

For those interested in Tarot, Biddy Tarot has a lovely overview of The Fool. And Tarot Goddess Ethony has an excellent on-line academy for the Tarot apprentice.

NEW MOON ACTIVITIES: Exploring and establishing our intentions
We ask our Self many questions at the New Moon so that we may create our intentions and plans for the month’s journey.

  • What is calling me to take action, to change?
  • Where will this new journey take me?
  • What is rising from deep within, from my Wise Self?
  • What is coming into my consciousness?
  • What is flourishing?

Consider taking a journey to find your answers. Pay attention to your dreams and to where your awareness is captured during waking time. All of these actions will support you in creating your intention(s) – the seed you will nurture in this moon cycle – before we reach the Waxing Crescent.

Create an altar for the New Moon, as a focal point for your meditations and for developing your intentions for this cycle. On this day so strongly associated with the Divine Feminine, include offerings, symbols and blessings for Mother Earth. Bring in elements representing the Divine Feminine, and the Water element to honour Pisces.

Do a New Moon Medicine Wheel Oracle Reading, a powerful process you can use throughout the lunar month for reflection, growth and wisdom.

Light a candle for all the Women in your life – the Friends, Sisters, Mothers, Grandmothers and all the women in your lineage.

IMG_4960This month my altar includes a pink prayer cloth (couldn’t resist pink on International Women’s Day), my Moon Bowl, my goddess stone and Brigid’s Cross, a selenite wand to represent the mystery and magick of Grandmother Moon, some healing crystals, an incense for the Divine Feminine and three candles to represent the Triple Goddess  – the Maiden, Mother and Crone. The wicker bowl I call my bird nest… the stones representing the eggs/seeds of new ideas for the new moon.

I have set it up outside and will light my candles and incense when I do my own New Moon Ritual and meditation. Throughout the day, I know that this place will be my Sacred Space all day.

If you are looking for a grounding meditation, consider listening to this lovely one from well-known Wicca practitioner Starhawk (but, of course, can be used by anyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs):

New Moon Blessings !


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