Animal allies, Animal Communication, Intuition, Psychic Development

Talking with animals

Talking with the animals… How do you communicate with your animal companion? And how does your companion communicate with you?

Most folks with animal companions say that they understand their vocalizations… but animals communicate and interact with the world with all their senses, which are usually sharper than ours, and even with senses we do not possess.

It is important to be open at all their means of communicating – movement, behaviour, sounds and energy.

When we establish an energetic connection with our companion animal or working animal – or any animal we encounter – we can tap into their thoughts, their feelings, their experiences, and into the world that they can sense which is outside the range of our own human senses.

I’m getting to know our moggies Merlin and Pearl quite well – which call signals “feed me” (almost all!), “play with me” or “I see a bird”.


Perhaps the most striking communication was just before a minor earthquake we experienced in Vancouver a few months ago. It was late at night and both cats went into “alert” pose and started pacing. Is it unusual for cats to be active late at night? Not at all… We’ve all seen those midnight scrambles when for no apparent reason your feline companion chooses to race around your home chasing…. nothing! But this was different… and I interpreted it as anxiety and agitation. They knew something I didn’t. Five minutes later everything started shaking!

Are our cats psychic? Possibly. What is more likely is that their senses are developed in ways that are far beyond our human capability – for instance, the dogs that can smell tumours, or sense impending seizures with their human companions. Many biologists believe birds and other creatures sense magnetic patterns, and more. And many healers do profound work with horses as emotional and psychological facilitators for the human experience.

There are practitioners of animal communication who offer courses – Lynn McKenzie (Animal Energy) and Nancy Windheart are both excellent practitioners and teachers – and you can also start practising on your own with these simple steps:

✨ find some time in a secure quiet space to be alone with your animal companion

✨ relax, get centred and invite your guides and allies to support you

✨ tune into your companion and simply sit with them for a while. For some the connection will be of the mind, whilst others may need a tactile connection

✨ be open to receiving and accepting information of all kinds – it may come as softly as a whisper, as an image, a feeling, a scent

✨ thank you companions and guides for the information you have received

✨ and then, practise ❤️ practise ❤️ practise❤️









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