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Create your Equinox Apple Ritual Blessing for Ostara

Blessed be 🌿


Ostara – the Spring Equinox – arrives at 9:30 PM Pacific Time on Saturday, March 19th (4:30 AM UTC Sunday, March 20th).

Who is Ostara? Ostara – also known as Eostre or Eostra – was an Anglo-Saxon goddess associated with dawn, the new day. Perfect for this day, when Father Sun crosses the equator to the Northern Hemisphere heralding warmer longer days.

For those south of the equator, this day is celebrated as Mabon, the Fall Equinox.

Many cultures and religions celebrate the cycle of death, renewal and rebirth at this time of year, as many were also closely associated with the Wheel of the Year, honouring the changing of the seasons and celebrating new beginnings, life rising again and renewal, death and rebirth.

At Easter (next weekend), Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ. At Ostara/ Eostre, pagans and Wiccans celebrate the fertility of the earthΒ and the balancing between the dark of winter and the light of summer. It has been said that this ancient pagan association is the origin of the fertility symbols of eggs and rabbits at Easter.

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, take some time to reflect on your own rebirth and renewal. What new pages can you turn in your life? What ideas or beliefs can you put behind you to make room for a spiritual or emotional renewal?

For your Ostara altar, be sure to include traditional Spring elements such as
🌸 Flowers
πŸƒ Greenery
πŸ‘Ό Goddess stones
πŸ’Ž Crystals
πŸ•― Candles
🍏 Apple split to reveal the 5-pointed Star of Sofia, to represent Wisdom


Equinox Apple Ritual for Ostara
As this date celebrates new beginnings, take some time to meditate on your intentions both for your Self and for our blessed Mother Earth and then create your Equinox Blessings Apple – a lovely ritual to affirm those intentions:

🍎 Split an apple crosswise to reveal the Star of Sofia
🍎 Breathe your intentions for your personal life into a clove
🍎 Breathe your intentions for Mother Earth into another clove
🍎 Insert the cloves into the Star of Sofia, one in each half apple
🍎 Contemplate your journey and intentions as you bring the halves together
🍎 Bind the halves with organic material
🍎 Hang from a tree in your garden or in a wild place
🍎 Give gratitude to Mother Earth, your guides and allies


Ostara Blessings




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