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Tip of the Day: Be a tree

TIP OF THE DAY: 🌳 Be a tree 🌳 with this Oak Tree grounding and centering meditation.

imageUse this meditative exercise to relax, connect with Mother Earth’s grounding energy and nourish your chakras.

Many cultures consider the Oak to be a sacred tree (the Druids included it in their sacred three along with Ash and Thorn) and it is strongly associated with strength, good fortune and — in spellcraft — with protection and healing.

If Oak doesn’t resonate with you, or is not indigenous to your environment, choose a tree that is strong and sturdy for this exercise.

If possible, do this outdoors in Nature to strengthen that Earth connection even more. But doing this indoors is perfectly acceptable too.

🌳 Relax and breathe deeply. Uncross your arms and legs.

🌳 Imagine your body as the trunk of a magnificent Oak, your arms as its branches, your feet as its roots.

🌳 Feel your roots connect with the Earth’s core energy, deep in the soil, down to the centre of the Earth

🌳 Imagine that Earth energy as a golden elixir, travelling up through your roots in the Earth and connecting to your body, nourishing your chakras from root to crown, and through the branches and leaves of your arms and legs until every cell in your body has absorbed the elixir.

🌳 Continue  to breathe deeply, connecting to the Earth’s energy, strengthening and revitalizing your energy centres.

🌳 Give gratitude to Mother Earth for the life she gives us, and leave an offering for her.



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