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Preparing for a Shamanic Journey: Create Intent


There are many elements to consider before you start your journey but I normally recommend starting with a clear intention.

TIP OF THE DAY: Take some time to craft questions for your Guides that will more clearly elicit the answers you seek.

As always when working with Spirit or your Guides, questions must be clear and specific and — unlike questions you might use when working with a pendulum — can go beyond a simple yes/no response, inviting responses that bring illumination to your journey. How you ask the question can frame – or limit – the reply.

For instance, you might want some insights on a pending decision, such as: “Should I continue in my relationship with Chris?”

Rather than ask that question, which would elicit a simple yes or no response (but not reveal what lessons Spirit sees for you as a result of your choice), consider asking a question such as:

🌀 “Please show me what my life would be like if I continue my relationship with Chris.”

🌀 “What am I overlooking in my decision regarding my relationship with Chris?”

If you are looking for general guidance, your question or intent could be as simple as:

🌀 “I am open to all guidance and information that is in my highest good that will help me create a life in alignment with my  values and with Mother Earth.”

And know that if the response from your Guides is not clear to you, you can always ask for more information or for clarificationp from your Guides whilst on the journey.

Allow what comes, and be open to guidance or even new direction.


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