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Tip of the day: Use a different perspective to find new choices


During sessions with clients, I often hear the words “I just can’t think of another way to….” or “there are no other choices available“.

And that’s okay — because wherever you are in your journey IS okay. But if you are interested in making changes and opening up to new choices, there are many avenues to explore. Part of my work is helping people open up to other choices and possibilities, and to eliminate those self-limiting beliefs or behaviours that result in fewer choices and replace them with more empowering beliefs and choices.

Know this: There is ALWAYS another choice … because there is always another way to look at a situation or challenge. We can get stuck in that rut of our own beliefs…  we assume they are truths and allowing them to limit our choices.

Find other ways to open up your creative mind.

Look at things in a different way, from a different perspective.

Think outside the box that you created by challenging your assumptions and beliefs.

As John Mason said,

“You can never see the sunrise by looking to the west.”

What do YOU do when you feel blocked? When you cannot see a way forward? If you’ve always “looked to the West”, what might happen if you looked in a different direction?

I use many different tools to help people open up to other choices — including traditional solution-focused coaching tools — such as PSYCH-K®, PER-K® and elements from healing, energy and shamanic work.

For instance, for someone who is stuck in their head or in analysis / paralysis, I might ask them to connect with a chakra such as the heart, root, third eye or solar plexus and then ask them to look at the situation through that way of being. I would ask questions such as:

“What does your heart (third eye, etc) say?”
“What does your heart (root chakra, etc) know that your conscious mind doesn’t know?”

I frequently use oracle or tarot cards, OH cards or runes to stimulate the creative thinking and shift in perspective, asking what insight might be gained from considering the situation from the images presented in the cards.

One of my clients was struggling with her new online business. It was actually doing very well financially but she didn’t feel as happy or satisfied as she thought she would. Something was missing but she couldn’t clearly identify what it was and couldn’t think of how she might resolve her concern that “something was missing”.  She had hoped a shamanic journey might illuminate the answer.

Before we started the journey, I randomly selected two WomanRunes cards asking only for insight that might support her. What came up was The Tree (the Rune of Prosperity) and The Sisters (the Rune of Friendship). Her face lit up immediately… the significance was clear to her and to me. She recognised that what was missing in her business was the energy of personal contact and interaction with her clients, the creative boost she got when working in partnership, with working and creating in a team environment.

We started the journey with that new insight, and afterwards the client started manifesting and exploring possibilities with mind maps and vision boards until a whole new vision was created for her business that broadened her business base to include live sessions, workshops and teaming with other practitioners on select projects.

Experiment with the tools are the most effective for you, that resonate with you, and when you’re stuck again, you will have a whole new tool box with which to work.




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