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Tuning our Soul back into harmony

Early mathematicians believed that the planets, the stars, the sun – and even the human body – create music and harmony with their natural vibrations: the music of the spheres (musica universalis) and the music of the body (musica humana).

I know this to be true. We are made of energy, vibration, and light. We sing. We move. We shine. We connect. Everything has a natural rhythm, harmony, and frequency. When we are out of alignment, perhaps we are merely “out of tune“. And when we are out of tune, the world looks different and we experience it from that filter of disharmony.

To quote the author of Don Quixote:

“Alas! all music jars when the soul’s out of tune.”
~ Miguel de Cervantes


When we take care of our Selves, we can get back in tune. We can reset our rhythms and get back in alignment with our Soul and with the vibration of the Universe itself.

For me, it can be as simple as:

✨a breathing meditation
✨a walk in Nature
✨sitting with my singing bowl and focusing on its sound
✨playing the piano or my violin
✨a gratitude ritual
✨reading a book
✨a relaxing bath with salts and essential oils
✨creating an altar for the day
✨lighting a candle as I repeat my affirmations or intentions

What works for you?

How do YOU get “back in tune”?


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