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The power of the Fire Element in the Aries New Moon

image.pngLet us welcome Grandmother Moon as she begins her new journey today, Thursday April 7th, at 4:25 AM Pacific Time (11:25 AM UTC). Today she is in the Dark Moon… not even a glimmer of reflective light.

This New Moon is in Aries and marks the beginning of the astrological year and the beginning of a new cycle in our life journey — the time to birth new ideas, start new projects, and imagine and plan the wonderful things you want to manifest this year.

This is also a Super Moon, meaning the Moon is even closer to the Earth and the gravitational pull is even stronger.

We feel the New Moon power for approximately three days. I tend not do any moon work on the first day — the Dark Moon — but at the first glimmer of light in the waxing crescent, I start birthing new ideas, work my rituals and more.

Fire Symbols and your New Moon Altar

The sun sign Aries is associated with the Fire Element, so consider using this element or its symbols in your rituals for the New Moon. Look to the Fire element for inspiration, insight, the “spark” of enthusiasm and passion.

If you are creating an altar, consider adding elements such as:

  • a lit candle to represent Fire (red would be dramatic!)
  • a wand, as it is aligned with fire/active energy
  • red crystals such as fire agate, garnet, red jasper, rhodochrosite, ruby or volcanic stones such as Apache Tears
  • an image of a goddess or god associated  with the Sun or with Fire  such as Pele , Ra, Apollo or Athena

Later today I will be creating my New Moon altar and throughout the New Moon period, I will be doing a New Moon Medicine Wheel oracle card reading, plus starting some new solar-infused herbal tinctures, oils and bitters for harvesting/decanting at the end of this lunar cycle.

I am also creating intentions for this coming year, celebrating and strengthening my  connection with Mother Earth and my part in keeping her healthy. More on that later!

What plans do YOU have for this New Moon?

🌒🌕🌘 Dream on Moon Child 🌒🌕🌘



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