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Connecting with Sacred Land

This week, I began a 14-day group EarthPrayer appreciation… each day meditating and connecting in different ways with Gaia, our sacred Mother Earth.

One of the themes this week was Sacred Land, and I would love to hear from YOU and your thoughts on sacredness🌞

What — or where — is your Sacred Land?
Is it a real place you live or visit… or long to visit?
Is it a place in your heart and soul that you journey to?

For me, all land is sacred… But ever since I was a child, I have always been drawn to the spirit and force of Water, and especially where Water meets Earth at the shore… that liminal space, the space between, neither one nor the other and both, sacred and beautiful. To me, these are sacred places, sacred lands.

I am happiest and most energized when I can spend time with those elements and choose to live in those magical places where they come together. This picture — taken during low tide — is where I meditate most frequently… Spanish Banks beach here in Vancouver.

Low tide at Spanish Banks, Vancouver, Canada

Low tide is actually one of my favourite times because I can walk far out into the channel and touch the bottom of the sea with my bare feet.

As a child in Liverpool England, I would ask my father to take me to the ferry so we could sail back-and-forth all day on the Mersey River, which poured out into the Irish Sea.

Liverpool’s River Mersey ferry, with the Pier Head in the background

Moving to Toronto, we lived on the shoreline of Lake Ontario. I loved exploring it in all seasons, to see how the waves and the water changed, seeing new birds migrating through, hunting for fossils in the shale cliffs, observing the changing landscape.

Toronto’s Colonel Samuel Smith Park

When I lived in Banff Alberta, I had the pleasure of exploring the mountain, streams, and glacial lakes… so very different from the big waters and flat lands I was used to.

Vermilion Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta , Canada

And now living in Vancouver, Canada, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the elemental power and spirit of this place… the sea, the rivers, the mountains with their fire energy from extinct volcanoes, the clashing of tectonic plates and the primordial energy that brings.

Spanish Banks Beach, Vancouver, Canada

When I take a shamanic journey, I always find myself starting in the same place…. an ancient village on a rocky shoreline… mountains and forest behind me… ocean in front of me…

I guess it’s no surprise that Vancouver is where I choose to live!





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