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Wisdom from the Womanrunes

Pick a card! Today’s cards are the WomanRunes. I love working with these images, originally created by Shekhinah Mountainwater and developed further by Molly Remer of Brigid’s Grove (who also offers a FREE course in reading the runes/cards).



Think about what wisdom you might need today. Pass your hand over the image (or use any divination method you prefer) and select YOUR card.

– OR –

Read this as a traditional 3-card spread representing Past-Present-Future. Ground and centre yourself,  and meditate on your question or challenge.

Review the interpretations below… and connect with your own intuition. What clarity do these cards bring? What insights do they provide?


🌀31 – Two Triangles: The Rune of Focus
Analysis, logic, rationality.
You are safe and connected. You are free. Make your choice.

🌞 If this is your single wisdom card for the day, know that it is time to take action, to take a stand, to be decisive. Choose with purpose, no excuses, but know that you are safe and free as you make your choice. Commit to your choices because they come from your heart.

🌞 If you chose to read the cards as a 3-card spread, this card represents your past. In the past, you did use analysis, logic and rationality for choices. Is it possible that you are now in a period of indecision? Have you have lost the ability to make choices in alignment with your true Self? Reflect on how you made choices before, and how empowered you felt when you did so. Try meditation or journeying to reconnect to that ability and to your inner Wise Self who does know the path that is in your highest good.

🌀15 – The Whole Moon: The Rune of Psyche
Moon energy and mysteries, cycles.
It is time to listen to the whispers of your body as she is tugged to dance in the light of the moon.

🌞 If this is your single wisdom card for the day, know that it is a time of change and flux, of paradox, of growth and decline. It is time to examine what in your life may have run its course or is in decline, and what wants to start growing and be illuminated. Both are natural phases in the cycle of life, the ebb and flow of our dance in the light of the moon.

🌞 If you chose to read the cards as a 3-card spread, this card represents your present. WOW! Embrace this period of change. Let go of needing to know exactly where your journey might take you and surrender to the infinite possibilities and mystery of the cycle and seasons of life. Bring your awareness to the fresh new ideas coming from deep within you that are calling to be heard, to be manifested. Stand tall and embrace your own magnificence.

🌀12 – The Reflection: The Rune of Surrender
Gentleness, sacrifice, letting go
Soften into the gentleness that surrounds you.

🌞 If this is your single wisdom card for the day, know that this is the time to experience the world through the open heart of acceptance and flow… to release the need for control and to experience life as it unfolds… to entrain with the rhythms of Nature and with your own inner universe. Connect to the stillness inside to access your Wise Self. Breathe. Relax.

🌞 If you chose to read the cards as a 3-card spread, this card represents your future. Some may find it a challenge to think of their future as something not within their control. But perhaps there is another way of looking at that. When we are in control, perhaps we are also rigid or unbending and we may miss out on all kinds of possibilities because we choose to ignore them. You may be determined to follow your journey exactly as initially imagined…but maybe it’s time to look at it with fresh eyes.

But when you started on the path, did you know what you now know Are you the same person now? Did you have all the answers when you began… or has the journey itself illuminated parts of you that are now just shining for the first time? Do you have a renewed sense of who you are and who you might become? It’s okay to take another look at your goal(s) and ask your Self:

“Does this truly represent who I am now?

Might I have a different direction in store for me?

Was my goal too timid… Can I dream even bigger?”

Dream on StarChild !

Rather than me connecting the dots for you, take some time to internalize the messages from the card… how they fit into your situation… how they can illuminate your journey.

I would love to hear your feedback!

What significance do these cards hold for YOU?

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