Divine Feminine, Earth Medicine

Goddess Body, World Body

I love when people come together to joyfully participate in communal meditation and activity. I am currently participating in a two-week EarthPrayer meditation group, where each day we examine a different aspect of our relationship with our blessed Mother Earth.


One of the aspects we are looking at is Goddess Body, World Body.

My thoughts were initially shared privately with the meditation group. I do not normally share such deeply personal thoughts on my Self or my relationship with Nature, but I do believe that by giving life to our thoughts and words, giving them a vibration through voice, we strengthen them and allow their ripples to weave their magic throughout our communities…. someone else will connect with them, and maybe start to think about their relationship with their Self, their Body, in a different way. And, so now, I share my thoughts with you.

Goddess Body, World Body

I love my body. I always have. Yet I have not always been good to it – pushing it to its limits by jumping out of airplanes (with a parachute!), skiing black diamond runs, horseback riding and jumping, mountain biking, sea kayaking, mountain climbing. Yet my body has carried me through. It has supported me and sustained me.

I haven’t always liked it.. when I’ve allowed it to thicken… when osteoarthritis prevented me from walking and moving… when polycystic ovaries created hormonal storms and infertility… when I allowed the judgment of others to let me believe I was “too”… too short, too fat, too thin, too old, too young…

Yet I am learning now how best to nourish my Self and my Body, for they are one. I am learning that my body IS the Divine Feminine. I am honouring this body that has healed… that has thrived… that passed from the Woman to the Crone with ease. I have survived near-death experiences… an attack by a dog as a youth… two total knee replacements —yes, I am titanium — with deep scars to match. Yet this body healed and a year later enabled me to compete in my first triathlon at the age of 62.

And now in my Crone years, I feel as though I am a lump of clay…

a goddess that is still being formed.

Each day I am reborn.

Each day I honour our Great Mother and thank her for her care and love.


The picture above shows a part of my altar… some crystals, my moon bowl, a clay leaf for Earth, and a few graphic embellishments… along with my first attempt at a clay goddess. The inset shows me last April, proudly displaying my registration number after completing my first triathlon, a year after my two knee replacement surgeries.


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