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My wildness, my sanctuary


Today, our #EarthPrayer group is contemplating wildness.

Wildness comes in many forms… the wildness of Nature and the wildness in our hearts and souls…

I’ve always felt I was a wild woman at heart… trekking the world, experiencing its beauty and wisdom, connecting with the Standing People and our animal allies… walking in the mountains and forests, by the sea… living the life I wanted.

When my mobility was reduced by osteoarthritis, I lost the immediacy of Nature… being able to stroll through a nearby park, hopping on my bike to explore nearby trails. I felt breathless, empty, without that connection.

So I brought Nature to me. I filled our balcony with window boxes, a small tree, shrubs, flowers…. feeders for the wild birds… and enjoyed the splendour of the maple trees so close… the visiting hummingbirds and chickadees…. the bees and spiders.

And now, even though my mobility has been restored, this is still my sanctuary, my sacred space — especially when I can’t get to the great outdoors.

It is where I keep my altar so it is always close to the beating heart of Mother Nature.

How do you connect with wildness?


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