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Honouring the Full Egg Moon

Full moon tonight!

800x800_ Lunar Cycles

In Vancouver, we move into the Full Moon energy tonight at 10:25 PM (April 22nd 5:25 AM UTC) .

This Full Moon is in Scorpio, a Water Sign…. very emotional and deep. Think of the ocean.moon-1217725_1920 We see the surface, yet that is only a tiny fraction of the ocean’s body. So much life — and mystery — lies beneath the surface. So much is hidden in that watery deep dimension of Mother Earth.

Some First Nations people called this moon The Full Pink Moon because of the widespread pink spring flowers. Walking today through local wild fields, I can certainly confirm that! First Nations of the east coast also called it the Full Fish Moon, as this is the time that shad swim upstream to spawn. For me, this is the Green Leaf Moon because all the trees and shrubs are covered in spectacular foliage of every shade of green.

Many of our ancestors called it the Egg Moon, in recognition of the birth of little chicks. So much new life is birthed at this time of year: chickens, lambs, rabbits in the animal world. And in the plant world, the sap has started to rise, and we see the emergence of buds, leaves, flowers.

We recognize that cycle of birth, renewal and death in religious ceremonies (Easter) and through domestic rituals such as Spring Cleaning, to clear out the dusty remains of Winter.

Meditation for the Full Egg Moon

This is a wonderful time for reflection of our life, especially with the powerful emotional Water energy of Scorpio present at this Full Moon. Take some time to reflect on your life and its cycles of Birth, Death, and Rebirth:

What is beginning?

What is maturing?

What is ready to be released and reborn?

Is it time to honour any Loved Ones who have transitioned?

Note how you feel about those changes and cycles. Do you welcome them? Do you fear them? Reflect on how you handle the mini-births and mini-deaths each day… the chance to start afresh vs. the lost or ignored possibilities. Is there anything to be learned or changed?

In alignment with the Scorpio energy, consider using a water ritual to honour and release that which has passed or transitioned, by writing the words or a sigil on a piece of paper and immerse in water… watch the ink fade and dissolve, as your worries and fears disappear. Ethically dispose of the paper afterwards.

Or, consider this lovely Egg Cleansing ritual.

Honour the Full Egg Moon with an Egg Cleansing

eggs-19641_1920As with any ritual, create your Sacred Space or altar first, adding elements that reflect the ritual, phase of the moon and your intentions. Start by breathing deeply and slowly. Centre and ground your Self. Call in your ancestors, guides and – if your tradition – the four directions.

This ritual can be done alone or in Sacred Circle. Support each other by working in pairs in the circle, and cleansing each other’s aura.

Begin the egg cleanse:

  • Cleanse the entire aura and body of any heavy or toxic energies by gently gliding a fresh organic egg over the entire energy field.
  • Feel the energy release and cleanse your aura, releasing any heavy or toxic energies.
  • When you feel the cleansing is complete, give gratitude to Mother Earth, the egg and all your guides, allies, and ancestors for their assistance.
  • Dispose of the egg by releasing it to the earth:
    • dig a small hole and cover it with soil, then step on the egg for a final cleansing and release with Mother Earth.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for how to prepare
a Burlá Ghui (bur-la gwee) prayer bundle for the Full Moon.


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