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My favourite Earth Day tree – The Willow

In celebration of Earth Day, I have been participating in a 5 day-5 tree photo challenge, each day focusing on a different aspect of trees (our allies in Nature, the Standing People) such as Spring, Lonely, Magic, Ancient and Favourite.

Today is Day 5 of the #EarthDaySpiritTrees challenge – #favourite tree, – and I chose the willow.IMG_0238


There are so many types of willow in the Salix family – weeping, black, silver, grey, white, downy, Arctic, yellow, Chinese, twisted, dusty and likely 100s of more.

My personal favourite is the Weeping Willow… usually found beside a lake or stream, tranquil, gentle, with a beautiful canopy creating a natural quiet spot to pray and meditate, or simply relax and read a book. I photographed this weeping willow tree at the #VanDusenBotanical Garden.


The willow tree – for me – embodies all of the elements of the Earth Day Spirit Trees challenge.

It is beautiful in the Spring as its buds (who doesn’t love the pussy willow in spring) and leaves emerge.

It can be a lonely tree … or a place to sit, pray and meditate alone or in circle.

It is a magic tree, sacred to Celts and Druids and known as the Tree of Enchantment. Its bark, which contains salicin, is used to create powerful medicine – known to some as Witch’s Aspirin – as an antioxidant, fever reducer, antiseptic and for boosting the immune system. It is also very useful for making baskets and furniture… and wands!

The willow is ancient – and is associated with the Divine Feminine, water, magic, healing, the Lower World and intuition.

What is your favourite tree?



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