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Rewild your Self on the Taurus New Moon

Today Grandmother Moon started another new journey at precisely 12:31 PM, May 6th, Pacific Time.

Such a powerful week – a New Moon, a Super Moon, meteor showers and Beltaine!

My New Moon Altar celebrating Spring, Divine Feminine, and Divine Masculine

The New Moon in Taurus
This New Moon in Taurus, an Earth Sign, is strongly associated with the energy of Spring and fertility, the Divine Feminine. The Romans, for instance, associated Taurus with Venus… a beautiful goddess of Nature, of the fertility of Spring and femininity.

And clearly the sign represent duality (it is number 2, the second sign of the zodiac) with its strong masculine symbol of The Bull, which represent the Divine Masculine and its elements of fertility and growth. The Divine Masculine plants the seeds of life into the womb of the Divine Feminine.

My New Moon altar, pictured above, celebrates Spring and the start of the new cycle  by bringing in elements from both the Divine Feminine (goddess stone, clay Earth Mother, flowers, vines, stones) and the Divine Masculine (oak leaves for the Green Man, my god stone, incense, candles), and some lingering elements of Beltane (Solar Beltaine began Wednesday evening here in Vancouver).

The Journey Begins
On this first day of her cycle, Grandmother Moon is dark, fully immersed in Yin energy. Her activity is below the surface, in the subconscious as she begins to nurture new ideas, new growth, new projects.

With Taurus as our inspiration and theme for this Moon, we are asked to examine our Inner Wild Self.

Wild is not a word to fear. Some may associate it with rage, with extreme behaviour, emotions, with being uncivilized, turbulent, chaotic…. But “wild” is much more than that; the heart and core of wildness is our True Self:

Wild: Occurring, growing, or living in a natural state;
not domesticated, cultivated, or tamed:
~ per the Free Dictionary


Your New Moon Work
For your New Moon / Dark Moon work today, or as you sit in meditation in Circle or alone, I ask you to consider this Soul Question:

“What is my relationship with Mother Earth and my Inner Wild Self?”

Your contemplation may go several ways, so allow that inner wisdom to bubble up and flow into your consciousness. If you want to go even deeper, consider exploring these questions:

🌿 Am I aligned with the energy of Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon? How do I express that?

🌿 Do I suppress my inner wild nature or celebrate it?

🌿 What is my natural wild state within? What is still below the surface, not expressed yet to the world?

🌿 What part of me can be rewilded, returned to its Natural state and fully expressed to the world?

🌿 How can how can I strengthen and honour my Inner Wild Self and my relationship with Mother Earth in this Moon Cycle? ”

Planting your seeds
During the waxing moon, once the Dark Moon has passed, let your inspirations and insights birth your projects for the month.

Celebrate the Wild within you, your Wild Divine Feminine and your Wild Divine Masculine.

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New Moon Blessings !




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