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Celebrate the Divine Feminine on Mothers Day


On Mothers Day, let us celebrate all aspects of the Mother (one aspect of the Maiden-Mother-Crone Triple Goddess) and the Divine Feminine within us all.

Mothering is being able to birth and nurture so many things — children, creativity, ideas, our animal allies, our plant allies and more. Not all those who “mother” are born female, and the Divine Feminine is within each of us.. all men, all women.

I love what Shekhinah Mountainwater said about the Great Goddess:

“The ancients knew that worship was not an act of submission but an act of power. We are all goddesses in that we each have immortal energy, and the ability to manifest or create. Each of us is a little universe, birthing, growing and dying endlessly, containing within us the same elements we see in nature and the world around us.”

Thank you to all who express their Divine Feminine through nurturing, inspiring, loving, healing, caring, creating, birthing, compassion, receptivity, wisdom, harmony and balance.

Blessings to our Great Mother — 🌏🌹🌳Mother Earth 🌳🌹 — today.




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