Aging, Earth Medicine, Mother Earth, Pagan, Sacred Land, Shamanism, Wiccan

What I learned from the Trees

A Tree Mama in Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouver, Canada

Trees teach us so many things — such as how important each of us is in mothering our communities. Yes, Trees can be a Mama 🌳

This beautiful tree is at the end of its life yet continues to contribute to the health of its forest community. Nurse trees and logs support our Eco-systems in so many ways:  providing shelter and shade to young saplings; a seedbed for new growth and seedlings; a home for birds and insects; nutrients for moss, lichens and mushrooms. As the tree eventually decays, it adds a rich layer to the forest floor.

What did I learn from the Trees —the Standing People — today? That we all have a use… That we can all make a contribution… That we all have value and purpose.

Regardless of age, we are vital to the health and collective consciousness of our our whole community.

🌳 Thank you Trees 🌳
🌳 Thank you Elders 🌳

Take a moment to reflect on the contributions of the Elders in your community.



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