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Soul Questions for the Full Milk Moon


How do you connect with the Divine Feminine? More and more, women I know are joining – or leading – Women’s Circles at the New Moon or the Full Moon as a way to reconnect with their Divine Feminine, to explore Goddess energy and more.

I will be starting an on-line circle Moon Goddess Circle this Fall (if not sooner!) but wanted to share with you a Soul Questions activity you can consider for the Full Milk Moon which arrives Saturday, May 21st at 2:15 PM Pacific Time (21:15 UTC). This can be incorporated into the Full Moon Heart Chakra ritual I posted earlier in Celebrating the Full Milk Moon.

This Full Milk Moon has many names including Hawthorn Moon, Full Flower Moon, Corn Planting Moon. Milk Moon refers to the breastfeeding of the animals at this time.

I love its connection to the Goddess energy. And what is that connection you may ask? Many women see the Milk Moon as a symbol of the Divine Feminine, the sacred breasts that nurture and feed us all… and an opportunity to look at our own relationship to our Breasts… our Moons of Love.

Soul Questions for the Full Milk Moon

Instagram Post-16With the love that has filled your heart chakra during the Full Moon Heart Ritual, take some time to consider your relationship with your Self, your Body and your Moons of Love which lovingly protect your Heart Chakra.

Whether you are celebrating the Full Moon in Sacred Circle with other women or in solo practice, meditate or journey and share with your Circle in a loving and respectful way.

Consider these Soul Questions, or write your own:

What do my breasts mean to me? Do I love them? When do I think about them? Do I wish they were different in some way? Have they caused me pain? Do they bring me joy? What did my Mother and my family “teach” me about my breasts? What do I call them? As I look on my past as an outsider, not reliving that past, what experiences left me with a negative feeling? As I look on my past as an outsider, observing not reliving, what experiences left me feeling good about myself and my breasts?

If I spoke to my Breasts, what would I want to tell them? And what would they want me to know?

Take a few minutes in your Sacred Space or Circle, to collect your thoughts and feelings, and answers to these questions.

TIP: If your group is comfortable in group meditations or journeys, ritualize this exploration by journeying to one’s breasts, using drums, rattles, singing bowls or recorded music.

As with any journey, start with a cleanse, invite your guides on the journey for support, and finish with gratitude.

When everyone has had time to jot their notes into their journal or diary (five minutes or so), invite everyone to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Depending on the size of your group and the time remaining in your Circle, set a timer for each participant (three minutes or so), so that everyone has a chance to speak, should they wish.

Know that for some, this may be an uncomfortable conversation, for some a cathartic experience, and for others a loving celebration of the positive relationship they have with their body. Hold space for each other, respectfully and unconditionally, as each chooses to share their herstory. For some, their’s will be a private journey not to be shared. And that is okay.

You may be amused by the variety of names for those Moons of Love. I’ve heard so many — the girls, the Pointer Sisters, tatas, boobs, tittens and even individual names like Flopsy and Topsy!

After the group sharing, take a moment to jot down into your journal what you want to release or heal, and what you want to invite into your life. Jot each onto a piece of paper, and close your Soul Question work with a Fire Ceremony, such as the one described in an earlier post from today, to manifest the release and the invitation.

Here is a chant to the Goddess that can be played during your Fire Ceremony:

A special thank you to Karen and Slí An Chroí for sharing this beautiful Moons of Love conversation.



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