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Choosing your Journey for the Gemini New Moon

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Tonight at 7:59 PM Pacific Time, Grandmother Moon starts a new monthly cycle with the New Moon in Gemini.

I love the New Moon and all it brings — rebirth, new beginnings, new journeys, new insights. Each lunar month we are given a gift:  the opportunity to explore, change and transform in our own Hero’s or Heroine’s Journey.

The Gemini New Moon Influence
Gemini is an Air element sign, the element of insight from practicality through to vision, creativity, and inspiration. Tap into that energy to enhance your efforts and planning this month. Air governs the lungs and breath (inspiration once again!), so also supports communication. This will definitely help you find your voice and speak your truth.

Gemini — also known as The Twins — speaks to our inherent duality. We each have both Yin and Yang energies within us, the Divine Feminine AND the Divine Masculine. To have true balance and harmony in our Self, it is important to appreciate and manifest both elements. We can hold and express both, juggling the push-pull of these energies, living with contradiction and paradox… and being okay with that!

Soul Questions for the New Moon

I invite you to explore your own duality this month in your Soul Work or meditations — the paradox of living with and acting from both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within… and yet still living in balance and harmony. Or do you…?

When do you more naturally draw from one versus the other? Can you easily express both your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine? And do you recognize the differences?

Yin, and the Divine Feminine,  is Earth, Water, Moon… receptive, inward, cool, contracting, descending, nurturing, flexible and intuitive.

Yang, and the Divine Masculine, is Fire, Air, Sun… active, outward, hot, expanding, rising, protecting, stable and rational.

In your New Moon ritual or meditation, consider these Soul Questions around duality:

  • When do you go with the flow, accepting the natural rhythms of life, and when do you try to control and influence conditions around you?
  • When do you act from intuition and when do you choose based on “just the facts” ?
  • How comfortable are you with your Divine Feminine qualities? Your Divine Masculine qualities?
  • When do you follow the Hero’s Journey (going out into the world and manifesting change there) and when do you pursue the Heroine’s Journey (going deep into one’s Self and transforming from within)?
  • Looking forward, what might you do differently this month to find or maintain harmony and balance. How might you honour both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine?

And as you plan out your month and what you will manifest, consider which journey and process will help you accomplish your goals — the Hero’s Journey or the Heroine’s Journey. You have both in your spiritual tool box… use what will best support you this month.

The Hero’s Journey or the (S)hero’s Journey?

We are all likely familiar with the Hero’s Journey, as described by Joseph Campbell — a Call to Adventure, resulting in epic archetypal mythological quests such as those of Don Quixote, the Knights of the Round Table, Odysseus or even Luke Skywalker. The Hero leaves his home and searches in the outside word for that which has been lost or that which is necessary for his tribe to survive.

But what about the “(S)hero”? What is the Heroine’s Journey? Just as Yang is outward and Yin is inward, the Heroine’s journey is not to the outside world but is a journey inward, to the core of her Self… thereby changing her inner world and the world around her. Hmmm… to me, this does sound like a shamanic journey!

Maureen Murdock, author of the 1990 classic The Heroine’s Journey, was a student of Joseph Campbell and, per her website, wrote her book “as a response to Joseph Campbell’s book on the hero’s journey. Maureen, who was a student of Campbell’s work, felt his model did not address the specific psycho-spiritual journey of contemporary women.”

Murdock describes the differences this way:

“The hero’s journey is up and out — with a big splash — to the light, while the heroine’s journey is down and in — into the body, into the metaphorical cave, to the Black Madonna.”

The Hero saves the world…. the Heroine, the (S)hero, changes the world and her Self.

Which journey will you choose this month?



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