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Using New Moon magic to start your Heroine’s Journey


The magic of the Gemini New Moon is with us for three days, and we are now in the midst of that peak Yin experience that the New Moon opens up — reflective, intuitive, nurturing — deep within our Self.

As we begin to move into the waxing crescent of Luna’s monthly cycle, it’s time to look within at what as been germinating in the darkness of the New Moon, deep within the womb of the Earth, of our Self.

What is budding and birthing, as you start your Heroine’s journey to the centre of your Self? What magic is waiting to be born?

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.
– W.B. Yeats

Today and tomorrow, contemplate on how you can grow and nurture those budding ideas, changes or projects. Do a New Moon oracle or tarot reading  (using the Medicine Wheel, the Four Directions or other preferred layout), taking note of any wisdom that reading brings. Plan your month. Contemplate how you can manifest the wisdom from your reading and your projects in the waxing cycle of the Luna, which brings more Yang energy — more Fire, more action, more expansive.

What can you bring to life and completion in this lunar cycle? And what might require more patience, more energy and more time to transform or finish? Perhaps one that will come to completion by the Gemini Full Moon on December 13? And what beautiful timing for completion, as we begin to nestle in and turn inwards near Yule to rest, reflect, release and restore our Self over the winter months.

Time for the adventure to begin!

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For more info on how to do a New Moon Medicine Wheel reading (and to use it throughout the lunar month), click here.

The Gemini New Moon arrived at 7:59 PM Pacific Time on Saturday, June 4th, so that lovely New Moon energy is with you until the evening of Tuesday, June 7th… plenty of time for inspiration and to plan the month!





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