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Wisdom from our Horse guides

image.pngHorse has come into my dreams for the past two nights. In many ways, this isn’t unusual as many in our family have a very strong connection with horses…. as riders, trainers and in healing with horses.

But when Horse comes to me in my dreams, there is something powerful happening and some wisdom for me to explore.

Animal totems each have traditional associations and correspondences. For instance, amongst North American First Nations people, Horse medicine can represent freedom, new journeys or new directions, the wind, change… and adventure.

Horse is also known as a rider between the worlds of reality and non-ordinary reality, between the physical world and the world of Spirit. In my ancestral Celtic traditions (and in many other cultures), the goddesses Rhiannon and Epona are associated with horses, magic, and spirituality.

This is why it is so important to journey or meditate with YOUR horse to understand what medicine it has for you. For instance, a large retired draft horse may have very different Medicine (wisdom) for you than a wild mustang, an Icelandic pony or a miniature stallion. The environment is also part of the message — is your Horse free and unbridled? In a paddock? In a herd? On the range? Alone? Running? Grazing?

If Horse has come into your dreams (or oracle cards), take some time to meditate on its unique medicine for you.

The horse pictured — remarkably like the one in my dreams — was photographed at the Return To Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuaty and Preservation in Lompoc, California by my sister Sue Ratcliffe of Sue Ratcliffe Photography.

Ironically, this horse is named Freedom! So, I think the message for me definitely includes exploring freedom, what that means for me right now and for my shamanic work. I also sense a new path coming….

What does Horse mean to you?




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