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Bug bites? Soothe with all natural DIY anti-itch cream

I was out walking after sunset at the beach last night and forgot to spray on my DIY yarrow bug repellant (it’s very effective). Very frustrating, as there were quite a few mosquitos! And even more so this morning, when the mosquito bites on my arms, lower legs, and behind my knees started to itch like crazy! I am definitely a mosquito magnet!

I whipped up a fresh batch of anti-itch oil and it did the trick. After blending, apply directly to the bite or directly on larger areas of itchy skin. It is also a good basic moisturizer (you could change the EOs if using only to moisturize).

It may not work for everyone but do give it a try. For instance, some folks find that it also reduces eczema itch, but as eczema often has different causes, it may not work for all.

I tend to get very dry — and itchy — shins in the winter, and this always works for me. And I am now happily not feeling the itch of those mozzie bites!


As with all natural aromatherapy formulations and products, please research the oils first to make sure there are no contraindications for YOU related to health, age, pregnancy, prescription medications, etc. 

If in doubt, consult a certified/qualified aromatherapist.

DO NOT apply undiluted EOs directly to the skin, and do not take internally.



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