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Dreaming back my Sisters


As part of my work and development in shamanism and other mysteries, I am journeying with my guides to reveal my magical or spiritual names… These are often secret, kept to our heart, but some people choose to use them publicly, especially in ritual or healing work, spellcraft, and journeys.

The names vary as much as the people choosing them but often are reflective of the gifts and skills we use in our work, and how we align with our spiritual allies such as Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun, Father Sky and Mama Earth, our Ancestors, gods and goddesses.

I came across this delightful poem by Maria Elena Gaspari about Dreaming back our Sisters…. and which happens to have wonderful magical names which may be an inspiration for some of you.

Some of these names are specific — or at least to the Divine Feminine within us — but many should also appeal to the Divine Masculine — and the men — reading this 🌝🌕

I am dreaming back my sisters
Whisper-worn footfalls on the Temple steps
Storm dwellers
Heavy-breasted cauldron keepers
Snake sisters
… Darkmoon dancers


Labyrinth builders
Star bridgers
Fiery-eyed dragon-ryders
Wind seekers
Shape shifters
Corn daughters


Wolf women
Earth stewards
Gentle-handed womb sounders
Dream spinners
Flame keepers
Moon birthers
Come home sisters, come home

– Maria Elena Gaspari





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