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Release your Inner Mermaid for the New Moon in Cancer

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For June’s New Moon in Gemini, I invited you to consider your journey for the month and choosing either that of the Hero or the Heroine, aka the “Shero”.

Both journeys are profound, testing one’s “coeur-age” (bravery of the heart), persistence and resilience but with one being primarily an outer journey through the world (the Hero’s journey) and the other being primarily an inner journey (the Shero’s journey).

Both journeys start with the energy and awakening of the New Moon. Just like at the end of Winter (akin to the Dark Moon), we move towards Spring (akin to the waxing Moon). The seed is there but is still developing and germinating. During the three days that we are influenced by the New Moon energies, that seed will take slowly take form into what you choose to manifest over the month.

Last month’s Gemini New Moon invited us to look at our journey through its aspect of duality: both the Hero’s Journey and the Shero’s Journey, how and when we manifest both our inner Divine  Masculine and Divine Feminine, when we work with Yin energy versus Yang energy, and how we can find balance and harmony between the two.

What does the New Moon in Cancer bring to our consciousness?

The New Moon arrived at 4:01 AM Pacific Time, early this morning on July 4th. It is a Water sign, emotional and transformational. It is ruled by Grandmother Moon so is also associated with intuition, domesticity, mothering, birthing new ideas, and connecting to our Inner Mother and internal flow, our inner waters. And although very nurturing and protective, the Cancer influence can also make it difficult to trust others or even trust the Self. There may also be a sense of doubt or vulnerability.

My advice for this month? Release your Inner Mermaid or Merman! Those mystical creatures live in the flow of the Sea and understand the healing transformative aspects of the Water element. Connect with that energy in your meditations and Soul questions.

Soul Questions for the New Moon

I invite you to explore your trust, creativity and nurturing instincts this month by incorporating a Soul Question journey or meditation into your New Moon Ritual or at any time during the New Moon (July 4, 5, 6).

At your altar, in meditation, in circle or on a solo journey,  ask your Inner Self and your guides your own Soul Questions or choose one or more of these:

  • What do birthing and mothering mean to me?
  • How do I nurture myself, and others?
  • What inner resources can I call on to create, to breathe inspiration into my life, into my creativity?
  • What beliefs and abilities come to me from my ancestors?
  • What ancestral beliefs may no longer be valid, may no longer serve me?
  • What wisdom do Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon (and my Guides) bring to me, to help me create and (re)birth my life?
  • How easily do I trust the wisdom from my Inner Self, and that of my guides? How easily do I lose trust or faith in others? How easy or difficult is it to regain trust?

Thank your Self and your Guides for the wisdom you received and — when you are ready — ask these questions or move straight to creating your plan for the month:

  • What form will my journey take this month? What will I manifest?
  • With the wisdom I am gaining, what can I do differently in this month’s Journey?

TIP: This can be a very powerful exercise to do in Circle with others, or in a Red Tent group. Share your insights and experiences at the end of the meditation.

Music can be a powerful ally during a meditation. In keeping with the Water theme, consider this lovely piece from Gil Antara “The River is Flowing”

New Moon Blessings!


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